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Ajor Inspection is available to help you make an informed decision about the biggest purchase you will make in your life. When buying a house, we all get caught up in the moment and are looking at the beautiful things in the house and so often we are missing the things that are going to cost money in the long run.

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Many people believe that a pre-purchase building inspection is not required for a new building and not of much value for an apartment given the size compared to a house. This is a mistake. Whilst the inspection of an apartment can be completed in a much shorter time than a house, but it is still very much an essential part of the equation. Knowing exactly what you are buying is critical, especially if unexpected hidden expenses are coming your way, just like when you purchase a house, having your apartment inspected by a professional is one of those must-do activities. Whilst there are some differences between houses and apartments in terms of the scope of a pre-purchase building inspection, the core principles are the same. Regardless of the age or quality of the property you are looking to purchase, a building inspection carried out by a professional is a must.

A building inspection will consider both the internal areas of your apartment or unit as well as the immediate exterior. A room-by-room inspection will identify any defects or concerns. It is important to be aware that issues commonly found in homes are also often present in an apartment too. Rising damp, electrical faults, cracks in walls, concerns with water pressure and even the presence of termites may be found.

You can choose to be present for your inspection, too. Even though you are entitled to a detailed report outlining noted concerns, it pays to be present. For an investment of a few hundred dollars, a building and pest inspection will give you peace of mind. You may uncover hidden information about your intended purchase, which may help you to negotiate the purchase price or empower you to walk away.

Once you have done your research, and you are armed with your apartment inspection checklist, give Ajor Inspections a call. When you choose Ajor Inspections, you can be confident that your property will be given a thorough inspection, inside and out.

Houses / Townhouse

Potential home buyers often hire home inspectors to research a property and provide them with a written report that details the property’s condition, including an assessment of necessary or recommended repairs, maintenance concerns, and any other potentially costly issues. The home inspector will assess the physical structure of the home, from the foundation to the roof, as well as the home’s systems. This assessment will determine if the home is up to code.

A home inspection can tell a homebuyer a lot about a newly-constructed home or an existing house, and it can save them money and aggravation. It can identify needed repairs, builder oversights, and upkeep requirements. For sellers, having an inspection done before putting their home on the market can afford them the chance to make structural repairs or upgrade and replace systems that may increase the likelihood of a sale.

Typically, a home inspection is done after a sales contract, or purchase agreement between a buyer and a seller has been signed. For this reason, the contract must include a ‘Subject to building inspection’, which allows a buyer time to find an inspector, schedule and attend (if so desired) an inspection, receive the inspector’s report, and decide how to proceed based on the information it includes.

Depending on the report’s assessment, which can include everything from material defects that may negatively impact a home’s value to cosmetic defects, which don’t affect safety or functionality, a buyer may decide to proceed with the sale, schedule additional inspections, renegotiate the sale price with the homeowner (if there are serious issues), ask that certain repairs be made, or cancel the contract. If the buyer requests major repairs, they may also ask for a reinspection with the original inspector to verify that the original problem identified has been remedied.


Commercial property is a huge investment, so you must have the full picture before making your final decision. A commercial building inspection will help ensure you are aware of any faults or structural defects, and you are paying the right price for the property.

Commercial building inspections are recommended for those who want to purchase a commercial property, as well as those who manage them. The vendor can also benefit from having their property inspected pre-sale, as it gives them a clear idea of the true value of their property.

Our commercial property reports are detailed documents that highlight the pros and cons of purchasing a particular property. We will conduct a thorough assessment of the structure and foundations of the building in question and identify the type of defect or repair required.

We look at internal and external features including but not limited to ventilation, drainage and subfloor framework, condition of the roof and roof spaces including the framework and tiles, mould and water damage (past or present in kitchen, bathroom and laundry), signs of active termite activity, safety hazards including plumbing and electrical systems.

After inspection, we explain the inspection findings. This conversation typically only takes around 10 to 15 minutes for a summary of the more significant findings. Please don’t take it for granted that all inspectors and reports are the same. Make sure the scope of work on a Commercial Building inspection is agreed between the parties. Asking the right questions of your Building Inspector gives you the best chance of getting a useful report from a qualified expert on time.

We Improving Our Inspection Process By Employing Latest Technology

The latest devices we use are Moisture Encounter ME5 and Thermal Camera FLIR C5. These devices can precisely detect, locate and confirm the presence of moisture or termites without needing to physically penetrate any walls, floors or ceilings. So, we won’t disrupt or displace termite activity, which is important for future termite treatment.

A moisture meter is usually applied to the surface to detect excess moisture present in the plaster sheeting, timber walls or masonry. They are used to identify the conditions that are most likely to attract termites as well as causing fungal decay, especially if there are no exterior signs. It’s also useful when detecting moisture leakage from rising damp or pipes. Any high moisture readings should be investigated thoroughly to determine the exact cause of the problem.

When a moisture meter and thermal imaging camera are used together in the building inspection, the building inspector can quickly identify as well as document the spread, severity and location of the damaged spaces, without using any invasive methods. While this may sound very easy, the job is a specialised one, and only a qualified, skilled and trained building inspector would be able to read the data and identify whether a problem exists.

Combination of experience, knowledge, technology and respecting client values are in support of your inspection report.

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